iD Commerce + Logistics Meets
Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime Standards

At iD Commerce + Logistics, we proudly meet the stringent criteria set forth by Amazon. Our approach to fulfillment is optimal for any e-tailer looking for a third party logistics provider that will help cut the costs associated with getting the Prime badge.

The Prime badge is heavily sought after because Prime members shop more frequently and spend more than non-members. Many of these people typically filter out products that are not qualified for Prime because they do not want to pay for shipping or they do not want to wait more than two days to receive their materials.

Therefore, in order to get the Prime badge stamped next to your product and have it fly off the shelves at a faster rate, you can either utilize the Fulfilled By Amazon program or the Seller Fulfilled Prime program.

Many businesses struggle with picking what is the best option for their products. FBA certainly has its benefits, but it can be costly. The fees associated with this program can quickly stack up, including order handling, pick & packing, weight, storage, and more.

With the fulfillment capabilities at iD Commerce + Logistics, your products can meet Seller Fulfilled Prime standards without breaking the bank! Because we work diligently to meet the strict shipping metrics, you can reap the benefits by getting that coveted Amazon Prime badge!

What is Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)?

One of Amazon’s newer initiatives, Seller Fulfilled Prime, allows sellers to qualify for Prime without using FBA or Vendor Central. Amazon’s metrics for this program can be difficult to meet, but that’s where our 20+ years of fulfillment experience add so much value. Same-day shipping and discounted ground & 2-day shipping rates allow our customers to exceed Amazon’s requirements while still maintaining the profit margins needed for it to make financial sense without FBA.

Conveniently located just west of Chicago, iD Commerce + Logistics gives you extended reach to be able to fulfill more orders than ever before within the guaranteed 2 days via ground service.

Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) vs. Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

  • Eliminate FBA shipping and handling fees
  • Stop split FBA shipments due to Distributed Inventory Placement
  • Gain access to Amazon Prime’s tens of millions of members to boost sales
  • Avoid long-term FBA inventory storage fees
  • Get more control over returns and refund collection
  • Earn higher profits on bulky and heavy items
  • Sell certain products that are ineligible for FBA