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Case Study: Consumer Product Goods


A global Fortune 100 health care company.


Provide efficient electronic store and fulfillment for field sales and contract representatives for their marketing materials.


The field sales & contract representatives of a major health care company were having a difficult time receiving their marketing materials in a timely fashion. Between lost orders & slow shipping, this company needed a partner to implement efficient ordering & shipping systems for their marketing materials.

Healthcare - CPG Company



iD Commerce + Logistics partnered with this Fortune 100 health care company to effectively provide their field sales & contract representatives an efficient ordering & fulfillment system for their marketing materials. iD provided the seamless integration of an easy to use electronic store & reliable fulfillment services.


Our easy to use online store allowed this health care company to have an effective and organized system to distribute marketing materials to their sales and contract representatives. Using our electronic application, representatives could instantly view their current inventory, product descriptions, product images, order materials, and track shipments – all from their own web browser. They could also provide links to their clients to request samples and materials creating a seamless flow of information to the end consumer.


Our fulfillment services offered a centralized source to track and ship the orders from the health company’s representatives. iD received the data from the e-store in real time efficiently packing and shipping product samples, bulk shipments, and kits not only to the representatives but to their potential clients as well.



Through our partnership with this health care company, iD applied knowledge of online electronic ordering systems and fulfillment services to effectively deliver marketing materials to our client with the following accomplishments:

  • Saved 15% on freight costs.
  • Saved countless man hours.
  • Decreased turnaround times.
  • Delivered over 1000 shipments per month.
  • Increased field sales and contract representative productivity.

Through our dedication to service and efficient distribution systems, our award-winning relationship with this health care company has continued strongly for over four years.


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